Fire Department Officers:
Chief                             Bill Losert
Assistant Chief            Doug Farrar
Captain                         Ric Ross
1st. Lieutenant            Tyler Farrar
2nd. Lieutenant           Art Ross
3rd. Lieutenant            Rich Zagata
4th  Lieutenant            Tom Woznack
Captain – Fire Police   George Shemo


Social Officers:
President                            Bill Coleman
Vice President                   Pat Caverly
Recording Sec.                  Erica DeBie
Treasurer                            Paul Simpson
Financial Sec.                     Rob Pierce


Greg Amyot
Joe Benn
Bob Benson
Michael Brust
Pat Caverly
Nate Clark
Bill Coleman
Evan Crabbe

William Dahlin
Ron Dunn
Greg Durnford
Shane Durnford
Doug Farrar
Tyler Farrar
Tom Iwinski
Blake Jackson
Herb Jackson
Rick Legere
Dave Little
Bill Losert
Jeff Mattrazzo
Robert Pierce
Art Ross
Camden Ross
Richard Ross

Ric Ross
Robert Ross
Ross Sangster
George Shemo
Steve Sikorski
Paul Simpson
Ken Wachtel Jr.
Patrick Whitten
Eli Willig
Paul Willig
Pete Woznack

Tom Woznack
Rick Zagata



How to become a member:  The Ballston Lake Fire Department encourages men and women from the community to become involved with our organization.  The requirements for membership are few.  Candidates for membership must be at least 16 years of age and in relatively good health.  Candidates who are 16 or 17 years of age must provide parental consent and will be restricted in the activities they are allowed to participate in.After submitting a membership application prospective members meet with a small group of firefighters to discuss the requirements and benefits of membership.  Prospective members must receive medical clearance from a health professional.  The medical exam is paid for by the fire district and includes drug screening.  We also conduct a background check of candidates, State law prohibits anyone with a conviction for arson from becoming a volunteer firefighter.

Once you’re a member you will be expected to participate in department activities as your schedule allows.  We require new members to complete initial training within 2 years of joining the department.  The training is conducted during evening hours at no cost to the member.  All necessary protective clothing and equipment is provided by the fire district.  New members are expected to attend alarms when they are available and participate in at least two department meetings during their first year.  Additional training is always available and members must participate in department training to maintain their membership status.  While some of our members spend hundreds of hours in fire department activities each year, we understand that everyone doesn’t have that much free time.  There are minimum requirements to ensure members are properly trained to function safely but you decide how much more you can devote to fire department activities.

The benefits of membership include social events and a pension, but the most important benefits are more intangible.  You’ll make new friends, learn new skills, and feel better about yourself.

If you’d like more details on fire department membership please give us a call at 399-5152. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and show you what we do.  The best time to reach us is on Monday evenings between 7 and 8, please leave a message if no one answers the phone.

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